Welcome to Asgoth my friend…and well met!

Since time began have the Ancients existed, beings whose powers to create worlds and the creatures dwelling upon them being far beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. Venturing upon a coruscating mass of elemental power adrift in the Astral Sea the Ancients did what the Ancients do, they created a world, a world that came to be called Asgoth. As the lands and seas of Asgoth took form, so too did the creatures who would dwell upon it. These were fantastical creatures, the Ancient Spawn, demons, devils, dragons, and creatures of awesome elemental power. For thousands of years did these creatures have dominion over Asgoth, and for thousands of years did their realms rise and fall as they opposed each other for absolute control of Asgoth.

Asgoth, and the influence the Ancients had over it, did not go unnoticed. For as powerful as the Ancients are there are other beings of equal power that have existed nearly as long, the Spirits. The Spirits marveled at Asgoth’s beauty and desired it for themselves, so they created their own creatures to dwell upon the world, and the races of elves, dwarves, halflings, humans, and countless others came to be. The Spirit races, though, were not as powerful as the Ancient Spawn and were soon subjugated and forced into servitude and the Spirits were dismayed. To save their creations the Spirits created the Essence, the life force of magic, and gave the gift of its power to their creatures who used it to break free of their bonds and contest the Ancient Spawn for control of Asgoth.

For thousands of more years did wars between the Ancient Spawn and Spirit Races rage, their ebb and flow changing the face of Asgoth forever. Many realms came into existence only to be destroyed or fall into ruin and be replaced by another. As time passed the Ancients did as Ancients do, and their attention was drawn away from Asgoth to the creation of other worlds, and as their attention to Asgoth faded so too did the power of their Spawn. Gradually did the Spirit races take control of Asgoth, forcing the Ancient Spawn into remote mountain holds, subterranean lairs, and similar places of refuge. Though still powerful, the Ancient Spawn were held in check by sheer force of numbers. Thus the Spirit races took dominion over Asgoth, and with only occasional conflicts with the Ancient Spawn, they began to flourish and grow. Thus it was that peace came to Asgoth, at least for a time.

Presently there are some areas of the world that are quite settled, there are others that remain wild and untamed, and a few that are uninhabitable due to the destruction caused by the multitude of wars having been fought upon it. The settled areas are often patrolled, but few areas are completely safe to travel once you move away from a populated area. Generally, the larger the populated area the larger the safe zone around it. Raids by humanoid bands  are common and bandit groups are numerous. Though peace has existed for the past several hundred years, conflicts have begun over territory, water rights, mineral rights, etc. Though war has not yet broken out, tensions in some areas are high, the threat of war very real, and mistrust is on the rise.